Farrah Abraham Says Bristol Palin and Other Former Co-Stars Are to Blame for 'Teen Mom' Ratings Dropping

Farrah Abraham tries to explain why 'Teen Mom' ratings have dropped, blames Bristol Palin and others.
Farrah Abraham tries to explain why 'Teen Mom' ratings have dropped, blames Bristol Palin and others. | YouTube / Farrah Abraham

Fans of the Teen Mom franchise are well aware of how bitter former star Farrah Abraham is towards the show, and she continues to prove this time and time again on social media.

In case you forgot, the 29-year-old MTV star was fired from Teen Mom OG in 2017, with the network stating that Farrah's choice to work in the adult entertainment industry was in conflict with the overall message of their show. Since then, she's thrown major shade at the reality series and her former co-stars, and has claimed many times in the past that the show has dropped in viewership because of her absence. For the latest, as reported by The Sun, she's posted a "reaction" YouTube video explaining why she believes ratings are down.

"I think that the ratings are low because maybe Exhibit A, which is Bristol Palin, who really had trouble, you know, with dealing with press and news about filling my shoes," Farrah says in the video below, placing the blame on her replacement who eventually quit the show. She adds, "Even with Bristol, or some of the other girls they put in, three at a time to fill my shoes, maybe four or more, it could take a whole cast to fill my shoes. And yet, not fill my shoes."

Of course, people jumped to the comments section to put in their two cents, and the response wasn't pretty. One person wrote, "You need to take responsibility for how YOU disrespected people on the show, instead of blaming other people," while another added, "This is literally the most delusional you have ever been." A third particularly savage person commented, "If you were truly happy and had moved on with your life in a positive way, then I'm guessing you wouldn't even have the time or interest in making this video. Honey, you should be thanking MTV for any time they spent airing your trainwreck of a life. If not for them, NOBODY would know who you were.. and the world would be a much better place." Yikes.

Despite the responses not being in agreement with Farrah, we're sure she'll continue to stick to this opinion until the end of time. Or, at least until she joins a new show and finally moves on from Teen Mom.