Farrah Abraham is Being Accused of Animal Cruelty Again by Muzzling Her Puppy in Shocking Photo

Farrah Abraham was once again accused of animal cruelty by fans.
Farrah Abraham was once again accused of animal cruelty by fans. | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Here we go again. It looks like Farrah Abraham hasn't learned from prior backlash she's received on muzzling her dogs. Needless to say, fans are not happy to see another one of her puppies' snouts bound together again. The former Teen Mom OG star shared a photo showing her small dog sleeping with a big yellow muzzle tight around its face to her Instagram Story, and soon received major criticism from those who slammed the move as "cruel."

One person on Reddit said, "Muzzle training is a legitimate thing but I would 99.99% guarantee Farrah has no idea how to do it or even why." Another chimed in to say, "Why on Earth would a dog need a muzzle on while it’s sleeping??? Farrah is a whacko."

"Like WHY? This innocent little guy can do no wrong!," one angry person wrote.

Instagram/Farrah Abraham

This isn't the first time Farrah has been accused of mistreating her animals. In March, she dyed her dog's fur a bright pink hue, and fans deemed it an unnecessary act of animal cruelty. The mom-of-one was quick to defend herself, however, telling The Sun, "Haters made up a 'ribbon' is on my pets, which is false. We use a muzzle per a trainer’s review for her training, which are sold at all pet stores." She went on to say, "Sophia treats [the dogs] as sister and brother... like royalty. We do have emotional support animals and they must be trained to the guidelines of the law."

When it comes to her gaggle of animals at home, Farrah just doesn't see eye-to-eye with fans on how they should be treated.