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Fans Are Theorizing a Major 'Game of Thrones' Character Actually Survived the Finale [SPOILERS]

This article contains spoilers for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8.

Now that Game of Thrones is finally over, one would think that would also mean the end to all the countless fan theories we’ve been coming up with over the past few years. But even though we likely will never get answers to our remaining questions and ideas, that doesn’t mean we’re done analyzing every moment of the last season and posing our theories to anyone who will listen. Case in point: Some are now under the impression that Daenerys Targaryen survived the series finale, and it’s actually not as unbelievable an idea as it sounds.

As Cosmopolitan reports, Twitter users have been speculating that after Jon Snow fatally stabs Daenerys, Drogon swoops in to take her somewhere that could potentially save her. This idea stems from the Season 6 episode “The Door,” which showed Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys meeting with Kinvara, the High Red Priestess from Volantis. In the scene, she tells the pair that Daenerys was The One Who Was Promised, and she would be spreading the word.

Clearly, the Priestess believed in Daenerys, and fans are now thinking this could very well mean she’d be willing to bring her back from the dead, just as Melisandre did with Jon Snow. As it was mentioned in the series finale that Drogon was spotted flying east, people are speculating that he was taking Dany to Kinvara in Volantis. Many have taken to Twitter to pose their theory for where the Mother of Dragons ended up, imagining her living peacefully in Essos.

As diehard fans of Daenerys would’ve loved to have seen a better conclusion for the character we followed so closely since the very first episode, it’s only to be expected that many are coming up with ways for her to have faced a better fate. Despite the fact that we’ll never know where Drogon took her, it’s evident that the character will live on in fans’ hearts, and of course in fan theories.

This article also appears on Mental Floss.