People Can't Stop Talking About Drake's Kylie Jenner Name-Drop in New Song 'Demons' Months After Romance Rumors

Drake name-drops Kylie Jenner in new song "Demons" months after they were rumored to date.
Drake name-drops Kylie Jenner in new song "Demons" months after they were rumored to date. | Rich Fury/Getty Images

We're still not sure exactly how factual Kylie Jenner and Drake's rumored hot minute fling was, but nothing says "something happened between us" like a playful—and maybe flirty—shoutout in a song. So naturally, Kylie's fans are all ears for one of the rapper's latest tracks.

As reported by Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the verse in question in Drake's new song "Demons" states that the two have lots-o-things in common, like the number of zeroes on their bank statement. Unfortunately, there's no mention of making out or anything more than platonic, but still, this quip could mean something more. Listen to the song below.

In the first verse, Drizzy wastes no time discussing his relationship status with the makeup mogul. The rapper boasts, "My TD Bank is on what? (What?) / My TD Bank is on Kylie (Ayy, ayy)." In the eyes and ears of fans, that namedrop is worth a billion words. Many took to social media to weigh in.

As Showbiz Cheat Sheet points out, a source dished to Us Weekly back in Nov. 2019, explaining the two stars' relationship. "Drake has always had a thing for Kylie and it’s mutual," the insider claimed. "They hang out here and there and have been more recently than in the past because Kylie is technically single right now and the two of them live so close to each other." Fans eagerly awaited more clues and allegedly the two then decided they were better off as friends—or maybe they always were just that.

So is name drop on "Demons" no big deal? These two may never kiss and tell directly, but still, it sounds like Drake and Kylie at least still have a good relationship.