Donald Trump has been attempting to use a Game of Thrones-inspired poster to promote his American-Mexican border wall campaign, but enraged Thrones fans were not about to allow a reference to their favorite show be used for the terrible cause.

On Thursday, the official Trump Instagram account posted a picture of the President with the words “The Wall is Coming,” but it wasn’t until the picture appeared on Twitter the next day that Thrones fans really started to take notice.

The poster references both the Stark family saying, "Winter is coming," as well as the infamous wall that is meant to protect the Seven Kingdoms from its enemies in the North.

Fans were quick to point out that the wall in the show in fact did not work, and actually fell at the end of season seven.

Some Thrones fans and Trump supporters pointed out that the wall actually did work for 8,000 years before it failed, but others shot back that the entire show is evidence that an entire nation is in danger once their protective border finally comes crumbling down.

Even Stephen Colbert couldn't resist commenting on Trump's attempt to connect with Thrones' massive fanbase. The late night host referenced White Walkers, who are the deadliest enemy from the north, on Monday night. "I can understand why Trump loves that Game of Thrones wall, because the only walkers who got through were white," he joked. At least someone can find the humor in all of this.