We guarantee this will be the cutest thing you see all day.

Teaching dogs tricks can be a very difficult task, one that looks a whole lot easier than it actually is. While our furry friends might be able to sit on command or bark, it takes a very patient person to teach dogs how to do specifically non-dog things, such as skateboarding or solving math problems. Well, one dog owner is showing everyone up by taking things a step past all that, by merging her love for her dog and the Harry Potter series.

YouTuber Anna Brisbin, who by just looking at her channel alone is clearly obsessed with JK Rowling’s series, took to social media recently to share a particularly impressive video. “I taught my puppy Remus dog tricks in the form of Harry Potter spells. Because of course I did,” Anna writes in her caption.

And yes, it’s as cute as it sounds.

If you’re as obsessed with Remus as we are, his Instagram page, which claims he “love[s] belly rubs and hate[s] full moons,” is full of adorable posts. Follow him here.

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