It was huge news on Thursday when Disney seemingly confirmed who Jude Law's character will be in Captain Marvel. There's been speculation for months that the actor will play Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell, but he and Marvel have kept things top secret.

"In Marvel, it's like, 'Don't you f***ing ever tell anybody about this,'" Law said last in early November on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert regarding Marvel's dedication to secrecy.

However, the cat was out the bag yesterday when Disney updated the official Captain Marvel website with a previously released image of Law and Brie Larson with the caption, "Jude Law as Mar-Vell the leader of the Starforce." This follows IMDb's listing of same casting.

It appears Disney might have realized the spoiler, and quickly updated the caption. Now, the site simply reads, "Leader of the Starforce" under the same photo. Fans are questioning at this point if even Marvel Studios knows who Law will play.

Though it has all but been confirmed the character is Mar-Vell, fans still desperately want a definite answer to who it will be, because there has also been speculation Law will play Yon-Rogg.

We'll know for sure who Law is cast as when Captain Marvel is released on March 9, 2019. Or hopefully before that.