30 Best 'Friends' Gifts for the Lobster in Your Life

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As long-running series Friends celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019, fans have been flocking to Netflix to fit in as many rewatches as they can before it's off the streaming service, taking advantage of all the new collaborations companies are offering, and reading any interviews the cast does. If you're anything like us, you'll never get enough of the Central Perk gang, and we're sure neither will your best pals.

If you're looking for the best gifts for the lobster in your life, or just a really great friend, look no further.

1. Central Perk Coffee

Amazon / Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Amazon / Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf /

Who hasn't wanted to try the group's iconic coffee from the best fictional place ever, a.k.a. Central Perk? Buy it on Amazon.

2. Women's Logo Hoodie

Amazon / XUSHAN
Amazon / XUSHAN /

Rep Friends all day everyday with this casual but cute sweatshirt. Buy it on Amazon.

3. Trivia Quiz Game

Amazon / Paladone
Amazon / Paladone /

Think you know everything about the series? Prove it with trivia! Buy it on Amazon.

4. Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

Amazon / Tervis
Amazon / Tervis /

You can at least pretend you go to Central Perk every morning with this awesome travel mug. Buy it on Amazon.

5. Charm Bracelet

Amazon / Blingsoul
Amazon / Blingsoul /

For the stylish friends in your life, this charm bracelet is nothing short of perfect. Buy it on Amazon.

6. Central Perk Ornament

Amazon / Hallmark
Amazon / Hallmark /

It's never too early to start thinking about the holidays, or simply keep a Central Perk ornament hanging in your room somewhere. Buy it on Amazon.

7. Colored Pencils

Amazon / Theatre Nerds
Amazon / Theatre Nerds /

These pencils have the most perfect names, like "Apartment Purple" and "We Were on a Grey-k." Buy them on Amazon.

8. Heat Changing Mug

Amazon / Paladone
Amazon / Paladone /

This heat changing mug completes one of Phoebe's most iconic (and hilarious) lines. Buy it on Amazon.

9. Women's Central Perk T-Shirt

Amazon / NENDFY
Amazon / NENDFY /

Comfy tee and showing your appreciation for Central Perk? No brainer. Buy it on Amazon.

10. Deluxe 2020 Calendar

Amazon / Date Works
Amazon / Date Works /

This elaborate calendar even includes Friends stickers! Buy it on Amazon.

11. 'Generation Friends' Book

Amazon / Saul Austerlitz
Amazon / Saul Austerlitz /

If you're a true Friends fan, you'll want to know all the behind-the-scenes details. Buy it on Amazon.

12. Keychain Set

Amazon / A Sticker Shop
Amazon / A Sticker Shop /

A sweet and subtle way to show your love for the show? Keychains are always a good idea. Buy it on Amazon.

13. "Things I've Learned From Friends" Print

Amazon / Culturenik
Amazon / Culturenik /

Spoiler alert: All of these life lessons are correct...mostly! Buy it on Amazon.

14. Coasters

Amazon / HomeWelt
Amazon / HomeWelt /

The cutest coasters ever made? Right here. Buy them on Amazon.

15. Lanyard

Amazon / Party Hive
Amazon / Party Hive /

Lanyards are always a good idea if you have a bunch of keys to keep track of. Buy it on Amazon.

16. Pint Glass

Amazon /

Drink your favorite beer (or water, or anything, really) in style with this incredible Friends glass. Buy it on Amazon.

17. Unisex Baseball Cap

Amazon / Aldeal
Amazon / Aldeal /

Any hat-wearer needs this cap in their wardrobe. Buy it on Amazon.

18. "The One Will All the Cards" Game

Amazon / Lacesi
Amazon / Lacesi /

Cards Against Humanity meets Friends? Sign me up. Buy it on Amazon.

19. "The One with All the Recipes" Cookbook

Amazon / Teresa Finney
Amazon / Teresa Finney /

Want to make Grandma's chicken salad or a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich? This cookbook is a hilarious way to incorporate the beloved series to all your recipes. Buy it on Amazon.

20. Sticker Set

Amazon / SBOBUY
Amazon / SBOBUY /

Whether to cover your laptop, water bottle, or any surface in your room, stickers are a must. Buy it on Amazon.

21. LEGO Set

Amazon / LEGO

Make it a family night with a Friends-themed LEGO set. It's fun for everyone to join in on. Buy it on Amazon.

22. Jigsaw Puzzle

Amazon / Chantel de Sousa

Whether you're bored while self-quarantining or are really just a fan of puzzles, what better way to show your love of Friends with this super detailed, 500-piece product? Buy it on Amazon.

23. Joey Changing Pillowcase

/ Amazon / Jasen

Changing sequined pillows are always hilarious, but there's something about this one having Joey Tribbiani's goofy expression that makes it 10x better. Buy it on Amazon.

24. Cosmetics Bag

Amazon / CoolGiftHome

Makeup is certainly something we need to always "be there" for us, and this cosmetics bag just solidifies that. There's no limit to how much Friends swag we can rep! Buy it on Amazon.

25. Trivial Pursuit

Amazon / Trivial Pursuit

A Friends-themed Trivial Pursuit is an awesome way to involve your pals and family in your Central Perk obsession. See how much of a master at trivia you are with this awesome game. Buy it on Amazon.

26. Peephole Phone Case

/ Amazon / Brilliant Customs

If you have a phone, you need a phone case, and of course, a Friends-themed one exists. Buy it on Amazon.

27. Neon Wall Mountable

Amazon / Paladone

For those who are super in love with Friends, why not show off your obsession with some home decor? Not everyone might be a fan of the LED lights, but for a fun game room or something of the sorts, this could be perfect. Buy it on Amazon.

28. Central Perk Mug

Amazon / Paladone

What better way to drink your Central Perk coffee than out of a Central Perk mug? No other explanation needed. Buy it on Amazon.

29. Scented Candle

Amazon / Define Design 11

Candles are a great way to freshen up a room, and a cute gift to give a friend. To combine a love for sweet scents and Friends, this is the way to go. Buy it on Amazon.

30. Personalized Journal

/ Amazon / Define Design 11

The final gift on our list is extra special, as you can personalize it to add someone's name! Now, the receiver of this journal can write the story of their own life, with an episode title catered to them. Buy it on Amazon.

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