It's been confirmed Kendall Jenner and Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons are definitely an item. But instead of either parties confessing to the rumors, it was actually Kendall's sister Khloé Kardashian who spilled the beans. And since, neither Kenny nor Ben have spoken out, or have even posted anything about one another on social media.

That is, until now. Although it's not a full on post, Ben has taken the plunge and made things Instagram official with a simple comment. It's not a lot, but for these two extremely private people, a flirty comment speaks volumes!

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Kendall posted a gorgeous close-up shot in black and white. Among the countless compliments in her comments section include Ben, who posted two drooling face emojis.

Of course, fans are very excited about this minor development.

Despite people's initial hesitation to stan Kendall and Ben, it seems there's really no reason to dislike the pair. As the 22-year-old athlete is a basketball player, many Sixers fans were scared of the "Kardashian curse," even creating a petition to ban the 23-year-old model from the Wells Fargo Center. Shortly after, however, Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin spoke out about the drama, gushing over Kendall.

"I think it's ridiculous," Rubin said of the petition. "I think Kendall's awesome. I've spent a bunch of time with her."

"I was with Kendall a few days ago and Kendall insisted on going home and getting a good night's sleep when Ben wanted to stay out for a late dinner," Rubin continued. "So, Kendall's been a great influence on him, and we've won every game she's been at but one so far."

Although we wish Kendall and Ben were more public with their relationship, being lowkey obviously works for them. As long as we can spot these flirty comments here and there, we'll take it!