For most movies, the characters' journeys are what really matter, not necessarily how they end. However, when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War, what fans undoubtedly remember the most is Thanos' snap that closed the movie and killed half of the universe, leaving the Marvel fan-base in utter shock.

But what if Thanos' snap, now known as "The Decimation," did not actually kill our favorite superheroes, but instead sent them to an alternate universe? That's what one Reddit user's theory proposes.

"We have all been making fun of Thanos saying that death wasn't necessary with the near infinite power of the gauntlet, what if it simply split the reality in two taking half of everyone into each version missing the other half but retaining the same resources?" the theory asks

The user continues their thought process with:

"The two parallel realities could be joined by a sort of bridge in the quantum realm. Since Scott [Ant-Man] was in the quantum realm at the time of the split he was unaffected by the snap and not bound to either reality leaving him free to travel from one to the other over this bridge. Maybe this leaves him free to travel through to the parallel dimensions created by Thanos splitting the time stream. He would be the only way for them to communicate with the other. Maybe he exists in both realities and gains knowledge from both due to some strange form of quantum entanglement."

What's the likelihood of this being the case? Well, pretty low, but with Paul Rudd's Scott Lang appearing in the highly-anticipated EndGame trailer after we all thought he was one of the many casualties of the snap might validate the theory.

Avengers: EndGame is set for an April 26, 2019 theatrical release.

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