Ariana Grande Sets the Record Straight on Her Dating Life in 2019

Ariana Grande's dating life has always been in the headlines, but nothing compares to her 2018. If you need a bit of refresher, well, she split from Mac Miller after nearly two years together in May, then began dating Pete Davidson weeks later, only to get engaged to him weeks after that. Tragically, Mac lost his life after an accidental overdose in September, with Ariana and Pete calling it quits about a month later.

Ariana and Pete at the 2018 MTV VMAs. | MinuteMedia

Ari then released her hit song "Thank U, Next," in which not only does she sing about all her exes, but she literally name-drops them. This gave us yet another reason to talk about her full dating history.

And now that it's the new year, many are speculating who Ariana will date next. When a Snapchat story featured an article with the headline "Who Is Ariana Dating NOW?!," many took to social media to discuss. Well, the pop star caught wind of this, and added her own opinion.

Besides Ariana's clever response, she also added an explanation of how she predicts 2019 will go as far as dating.

"It's no one," Ariana stated when revealing who she would be dating for the rest of the year, or "probably" for the rest of her life.

It makes sense Ari would want to stay away from the dating scene at least for the rest of the year. Although she's shared amazing memories with the men in her life, she's also experienced huge heartache. Thankfully, the singer has a great group of friends, along with family, who should be enough for her.