Ariana Grande did not even have to be at last night's Grammy awards to win--or to show off her stunning custom gown.

Following a falling out with producers due to some discrepancies on her setlist for her planned performance, Grande pulled out of the show. She spent the night at home instead, celebrating her win that had been announced hours earlier, and looking amazing while doing it.

Beyond looking radiant in a Zac Posen ball gown, fans are convinced the dress has a deeper meaning--a meaning related to her late ex, rapper Mac Miller, who died last year following an apparent overdose.

Miller's 2016 song "Cinderella" was about Grande, as the singer admitted following their split, and fans can't help but notice how similar this ball gown is to the one belonging to the fictional character of Disney fame.

Another heartwarming way in which fans saw the dress connected to Mac was through a video Grande posted. When Miller passed, Grande adopted his dog, and last night shared a video of the pup sweetly playing with the train of her dress.

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We definitely would be missing out on this adorable video of Myron if Ariana had attended the show.

Whether or not the dress was a tribute to Miller, Ariana was stunning and fully deserved the win.