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Ariana Grande No Ponytail: 10 Photos to Remind You What Singer's Hair Looks Like Down

When you think about Ariana Grande, it's not uncommon for your first thought to be her iconic ponytail. The 25-year-old pop star has been rocking some sort of pony as her signature look for years, as it's now transformed into the high pony we see so often today.

Yesterday, the singer shocked everyone by sharing a video of her natural hair, which is short and very curly. She explained she's been trying to grow out her hair, as she's damaged it in the past through dying it for Victorious and more recently dying it blonde.

While Ari doesn't ever step out with her natural hair, she has on occasion not worn a ponytail. Here are 10 photos over the years to remind you this is what the "Thank U, Next" superstar looks like without her iconic high pony.