​​Ariana Grande finally let us in on the secret as to why she wears her hair in that high ponytail all. the. time.

We will give ​Ariana props for switching things up a little lately with some pinned back, half-up-half down and low pony styles, so just in case you don't know what ponytail we're talking about, here's a few examples of the style in all of its glory.

​Ariana's sported this large, high ponytail for literal years. Whether it's the classic slicked back look...




...with hair accessories...


...with bangs...


...or cut free THROUGH a hat, the Ariana pony is a classic. 


As ​Refinery 29 states, in the past Ariana's addressed that she initially wore the ponytail because her hair was so damaged from dying it for Victorious. However, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ariana and Jimmy did a skit that revealed the true reason she hasn't ditched the pony: it's her personal assistant.

In the skit, ​Ariana's deep-voiced pony performs tasks like getting Jimmy a drink, getting Ariana a tissue, signing autographs and fighting a mugger.

It totally ​makes sense now! Keep rocking that pony, Ariana.