Andrew Glennon Accuses Amber Portwood of Abusing Their Son James


Things are going from bad to worse for Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. Fans will remember their ongoing drama all started with the mom-of-two's arrest for domestic battery this past July.

Since, both Amber and Andrew have shared cryptic posts regarding the status of their relationship to Instagram, with the MTV personality finally coming out to explain her side of the story on the recent Teen Mom OG reunion show. For Andrew's part, he's now using social media to slam Amber for her various alleged wrongdoings, such as standing up a visit with their one-year-old son, James.

According to The Ashley, Andrew is now even alleging that Amber abused James. The site reports that he wrote on Instagram, "She wasn’t taking her medication, she attacked my son and I on more than one occasion, and I pray she gets the help she needs," also adding that there was "a landslide of abuse" since James' birth in May 2018.

These are clearly very serious accusations, and he didn't stop there. Andrew also reportedly wrote, "She would lock herself in her closet until 6 a.m. smoking weed, listening to music and taking hydrocodone," later continuing with, "I’ll do what’s best for my son, protecting him from him from her onslaught of media attacks and physical attacks. And [James] being shoved over flat on his back on a tile floor for opening cabinets. Or being thrown on the bed for crying…"

The Ashley also reports that Andrew alleged that Amber became very upset when she found out she was pregnant with James, claiming that their son "never stood a chance at having a mother."

It's honestly getting more and more difficult to keep up with Andrew's allegations, however the abuse claims do cross a line. If they're in fact true, Amber might be in much deeper trouble than it originally seemed.