Alicia Silverstone reprises her role from Clueless in a teaser for Rakuten's upcoming Super Bowl LVII advertisement

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Alicia Silverstone has revived her Clueless character Cher for a new advertisement.

The 46-year-old actress stepped back into the role of the fashion-loving California girl to film a commercial for Rakuten which is due to air during the upcoming 2023 Super Bowl.

A teaser for the spot shows the actress - who recently took part in a photoshoot for Compassionate Living Magazine - back in Cher's iconic yellow checked skirt and blazer costume.

During the clip, the character seen marching into a classroom with shopping bags held aloft before turning and addressing the students in the room, saying: "aDon't bug - your girl is back."

The advert is set to the sound of Supergrass' hit track Alright which famously featured in the 1995 film and is promoting a cash back scheme for the brand which Silverstone says Cher would have loved.

She told People: "Rakuten makes it easy to save while you shop, and working with them to revive Clueless for the Super Bowl stage made sense with how much Cher loved shopping - no doubt she would have tons of Cash Back."

The full advertisement is scheduled to be shown during the Super Bowl on February 12.