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Alicia Silverstone recreates baking scene from classic movie Clueless

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Netflix Senior Year Special Screening / Vivien Killilea/GettyImages

Ugh as if! Alicia Silverstone actress jumped back into her Cher role – 27 years later – recreating the infamous failed baking scene, in the iconic '90s classic movie, Clueless, when her character tried to impress her crush, Christian, with her baking skills, sharing it with her social media followers.

While Silverstone performed the scene in her Los Angeles home, with a new acting partner – real-life Christian, aka designer Christian Siriano (actor Justin Walker played the role in the 1995 film), Cher met with similar results.

"Is something burning," questions Christian as Alicia in her coquettish Cher voice says "Oh my god," and runs off to the kitchen, dressed in a figure-hugging black cocktail dress, to pull out a pair of chic high-heeled mules out the oven (in the movie it being a log of cookie dough instead), in response Christian replies with the iconic saying, "Oh honey you baked," to which Alicia replies, "I tired".

The actress captioned the Instagram post with, "I tried," too. Check out the post below!