A Life-Size Baby Yoda is Now Available for Pre-Order

Baby Yoda from 'Star Wars: The Mandalorian'
Baby Yoda from 'Star Wars: The Mandalorian' / YouTube / Dazed Blue

As Star Wars: The Mandalorian gears up to release Season 2 in October of this year, fans find themselves in a bit of a Baby Yoda drought. The tiny character from the Disney+ series has stolen our hearts and our social media feeds, and short of re-watching Season 1 on the streaming service, it seems like forever until we will get to see him again.

Luckily, Sideshow Collectibles is here to save the day! ComicBook.com reports that the company announced they are taking pre-orders for a life-size version of the adorable little Jedi. The realistic puppet will look very similar to the one used in filming, which means that it comes at a fairly steep price. For $350 you can add The Child to your own band of outlaws.

While the collectible will be out before the second installment of the series, there will still be a wait. Customers who pre-order their own Baby Yoda should expect an estimated delivery of August at the earliest.

Though it is only two months ahead of the Season 2 premiere, it will give you plenty of time for you to get acquainted with your little green friend. Happy shopping!