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Zendaya and Anne Hathaway star in new Bulgari film leaving us spechless

"Armageddon Time" Photocall  - The 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival
"Armageddon Time" Photocall - The 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival / Daniele Venturelli/GettyImages

A duo we didn't know we needed, brand ambassadors Zendaya and Anne Hathaway have teamed up for Bulgari's latest jewelry campaign film, and we are SPEECHLESS!

Last week we saw the release of jewelry brand Bulgari’s latest campaign film Unexpected Wonders, starring Zendaya and Anne Hathaway. However, the real unexpected wonder seems to be the powerhouse pairing: name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait...

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, the short film depicts the pair doused in Bulgari jewelry, narrating their wanders around a palazzo in various glamorous outfits.

As the newest ambassador, Anne Hathaway has been turning heads at Cannes Film Festival recently – with many on social media praising the actor’s red carpet looks. Bulgari jewellery has been key to her styling, and no doubt works alongside the recent release of this campaign video.

In the short film, Hathway is modeling the Serpenti collection and pieces from Bulgari’s Divas’ Dream collection. Check out the short film below!