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Zac Efron Has Platinum Blonde Hair Now and Twitter is Freaking Out

Even when Zac Efron isn't in the spotlight, he's been a fan-favorite for so long, people still care to keep up with what he's up to. The former teenage heartthrob has continued his acting career and is even moving onto more serious roles, namely playing Ted Bundy in the upcoming film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. But despite Efron growing up, we can't help but admit we still care about his appearance very much.

So when he makes a major transformation, fans take notice.

The internet has discovered the actor now has platinum blonde hair, and needless to say, people have opinions about it. In a recent photo Efron posted to Instagram, we see him rock climbing. But beneath his black beanie is just a glimmer of light, light blonde hair!

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No Free Solo

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Keeping his dark beard, the blonde hair is a bit of jarring. But don't worry, there's more photos to inspect.

Twitter users began posting newly-found photos of Efron's new hair, which now makes him absolutely unrecognizable!

Love it? Hate it? Well, Twitter has thoughts. Many took to the social media platform to express their feelings on Efron's new look, with some finding it totally hot and others not completely sure.

It wouldn't be Zac Efron without people talking marriage.

However, some people are less than impressed.

Of course, Efron's new look might signal at a new role, and with his IMDb page revealing he has three films in production, it probably isn't just for fun. But honestly, the actor could just love platinum hair! We'll have to wait and find out to know for sure.