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Zac Efron addresses plastic surgery rumors which even left his mom questioning him

Zac Efron Filming For 'AT&T's Life, Gig-ified' Event
Zac Efron Filming For 'AT&T's Life, Gig-ified' Event / Joe Scarnici/GettyImages

Last year,  Zac Efron sparked speculation online after he appeared in an Earth Day special with Bill Nye with his jaw appearing more swollen than normal. The apparent facial change caused many to believe that he had received plastic surgery, but in a new interview, Zac shut down the chatter once and for all. 

Speaking to Men's Health for its October 2022 issue, the actor pointed to an incident when he shattered his jaw after slipping in his house and hitting his chin on a granite fountain. He recalled waking up to find his chin bone hanging off his face at the time of his accident. 

The High School Musical alum has since been working with a specialist and does physical therapy to correct this. 

But after taking some time off from doing the exercises he explained, "The masseters [muscles] just grew. They just got really, really big." 

The actor admitted that he was unaware of the internet's rampant speculation as to whether he'd gone under the knife until his mother called to ask him about the rumors