Watch Yris Palmer Show Off Her Salvadoran Roots With Cooking Video Alongside Her Mom

Yris Palmer shares Salvadoran food traditions alongside her mom Velma
Yris Palmer shares Salvadoran food traditions alongside her mom Velma | YouTube / Yris Palmer

Yris Palmer shared her Salvadoran culture on her YouTube channel this week by cooking a traditional breakfast with her daughter, two-year-old Ayla, and her mother, Velma. The Star Lash Extensions owner and BFF to Kylie Jenner donned adorable matching aprons with her mom as the two rolled up their sleeves to make fried plantains with beans and rice pudding.

In the video below, Yris explains that the dish is a favorite in her household, but that she can never make it quite like her mom. “I’m learning,” she admits as her mother shows her techniques for softening the plantains before peeling and cutting them.

As they stir the rice pudding and beans, Yris opens up about their family’s history. Velma was born in Usulutan, El Salvador, and moved to the U.S. 45 years ago by herself, later returning for Yris’ older brother and sister. Velma’s mother died when she was 12, so she taught herself how to cook and provide for her family. As they share, Yris speaks about the current political climate surrounding immigration, saying:

“My mom had a really hard life growing up. I really admire her because she came to this country to give us a better life…She is now a citizen, thank god. That’s why a lot of these cases that I see now, you know, when I see what’s going on with our border patrol, and our immigrants…It hits home because I know what they’re coming here for, to better their lives.”

After they finish cooking, the three generations of ladies eat the delicious looking meal. It is so great to get to know more about Yris’ family history, and learn how to cook a dish along the way!