Will the 'Friends' Reunion Special Be Available Outside of the US?

Friends in London
'Friends' reunion special has non-American fans wondering if they'll be able to stream it | Getty Images/Getty Images

Last week, fans of the classic sitcom Friends were given an incredible treat when all six main cast members of the series took to Instagram to confirm the news we've been patiently waiting for. After months of reports and rumors about a reunion of sorts, we finally got the official word that we'll be revisiting the Central Perk crew again. As reported by Variety, the fan-favorite actors will be getting together for a one-hour, unscripted special, which will premiere on HBO Max. Seriously, could life be any better?!

Well, for fans outside of the US, they're not ready to celebrate at the Plaza Hotel just yet. As of now, it hasn't been confirmed where people unable to access WarnerMedia's new streaming service can watch the Friends reunion. The American platform is set to debut in May 2020, but there isn't word yet on all the channels outside of the country they'll be partnering with to provide their services internationally.

But although nothing's set in stone yet, it seems likely HBO Max will be made available through Sky TV. In Oct. 2019, HBO and Sky reached a deal, which, according to Variety, is believed to last five years and will also include content from Warner Bros. and Turner. As TV lovers across the pond know, Sky is the big provider for European countries to watch all the popular HBO series, such as Game of Thrones and Chernobyl. It's also believed—but not yet confirmed—that Canada's Bell Media will have the rights to the new Friends special after a recent deal with HBO Max, as stated in a report from CBC.

Additionally, a report from Deadline in Oct. 2019 claimed that HBO Max was eyeing distribution to Europe and Latin America for a 2021 release.

Despite the specifics of when and where the special will be made available to stream, the execs at WarnerMedia have to know how in-demand it'll be when it drops in America, from die-hard fans all across the world.