Fans have been patiently awaiting Rihanna's return to the music scene, but what about her next chapter in her personal life?

While the 31-year-old singer has kept her dating life extremely private in recent years, we do know she's been dating Hassan Jameel on and off since roughly June 2017. But apart from the occasional photo of them out in public, we really don't know how serious they are. However, fans are now starting to believe they might be ready for the next step.

The rumors stem all stem from one Instagram like.

In an episode of E!'s Necessary Realness, host Morgan Stewart predicted Rih and Hassan would be getting engaged soon, claiming how happy the singer has looked recently, and citing the fact that she took her boyfriend out to a Lakers game last month. A Rihanna fan account then posted the clip on Instagram, and, ready for this? RiRi liked it!

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Me asf! ?

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Fans were insanely quick to realize, with one commenting, "She liked! Does that mean an engagement and baby are coming before #R9 ?" Another wrote, "What does the fact that she liked might meaaaann????," while a third added, "She liked sksks can they make babies already."

While Rihanna's like might actually have to do with the fact that Morgan was gassing the singer up the whole time, fans are of course jumping to the conclusion that marriage is in her near future. Honestly, though, we'd be here for it!

[h/t: E! News]