Where 'Star Wars' Actor Alden Ehrenreich Stands on Reprising His Role as Han Solo

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' actor Alden Ehrenreich could be open to reprising the Han Solo role.
'Solo: A Star Wars Story' actor Alden Ehrenreich could be open to reprising the Han Solo role. | Ken Ishii/Getty Images

I'll admit, when it was announced that another actor besides Harrison Ford would be playing Han Solo in a Star Wars prequel movie, I didn't know what to expect. Ford just embodies the rugged, sarcastic smuggler so well and his performance in the original trilogy was iconic, especially his on-screen chemistry with the late Carrie Fisher. Of course, like any true Star Wars fan, I saw Solo: A Star Wars Story and loved it. Alden Ehrenreich's performance was particularly great, considering the pressures of playing such a famous character with an enormous fanbase.

The film was ultimately well-received despite it not crushing the box office, leaving Star Wars fans wondering if Ehrenreich would ever reprise the role in another movie. In fact, the actor hasn't been in much since the movie came out. However, in a new Esquire article, his decision to maintain a low profile is for a reason. Ehrenreich took a leave of absence from the big screen due to the fact that, "it was basically a three-year experience from pre-production to the release of the movie ... And I just wanted to be a person, connect with people in my life, spend time and develop as a person outside of those worlds. And then you never know.”

As for a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ehrenreich says that his future in the franchise is up in the air. In terms of returning to the role of Han Solo, he stated, “It depends on what it is. It depends on how it's done. It depends if it feels innate to the story.”

Right now, there is no Solo sequel in development. "No, I don't know anything about that. I mean, you know, I think our movie was kind of the last of the conventional-era Star Wars movie release time," he said. However, Ehrenreich teased that fans shouldn't lose all hope.  "I've heard soooome stuff, but nothing concrete," the actor said.

Looks like fans will just have to wait and see if Ehrenreich will return to helm the Millennium Falcon in the future or not!