Saying Game of Thrones co-stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are friendship goals would be a complete understatement. The pair, who met at auditions for the series in 2009 when they were just 13 and 12, respectively, have been attached at the hip since being cast. And anytime they do a joint interview, it's obvious to fans they're in for some fun.

So their latest video for Rolling Stone is, of course, no exception. Playing the brand's game "The First Time," the two actresses detailed some of their first times for events such as attending Comic Con, meeting their on-screen dad Sean Bean, and realizing they were soulmates.

And out of all the hilarious moments in the nearly 13-minute video, one extremely funny one sticks out. When Maisie is gushing over Sophie's growth over the years they've been friends, she references her fiancé, Joe Jonas, being a source of happiness for the 23-year-old actress. "Since you met Joe, as well, like there's been a huge growth in you," the Arya Stark actress states. The pair then start cracking up over innuendo behind it, to which Maisie quips, "Huge if you know what I mean." Sophie then hilariously says, "Average." And the two burst out laughing again.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I want to be a part of this friend group. We'll be seeing Sophie and Maisie as Sansa and Arya one last time when Game of Thrones returns on April 14.