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Watch How the Night King Gets His Horns in BTS Peek at 'Game of Thrones' Prosthetics Team

There is so much that goes into making a show like Game of Thrones: phenomenal writing, directing, and acting, along with fantastic sets, costumes, and of course, the one that always gets forgotten, makeup. But HBO is giving credit where credit is surely due to the department in a new video that showcases all of the things that the makeup and prosthetic department does for the fan-favorite series.

Unless you’re an avid watcher of the bonus behind-the-scenes footage on DVDs for TV shows and movies, you probably don’t really know what truly goes into the makeup and prosthetic department, or what it’s like to make the faces we see. Watch the Thrones video below.

What goes into making the characters of Game of Thrones look the way they do? The White Walkers are definitely not CGI. Not only do the prosthetics team make all their parts, but they meticulously put them on the actors for a duration of sometimes hours on end.

The whole process is extremely extensive and takes a lot of time, and a steady hand. Every detail counts in the makeup department and if anything goes wrong they have to start all over or else the characters won’t look real.

In the end, though, the department is just glad they get to see their work on the screen.

[h/t: io9]