While Captain Marvel is making history in the box office, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson are kicking back and answering some questions from a few little kids.

Captain Marvel isn't just for adults, as kids are also big fans, but being kids, naturally they have a lot of questions.

In an interview with Pop Buzz, Larson and Jackson answered questions from a couple six-year-old children. Some of the questions were, "Why does [Carol Danvers] punch the old lady?," to which Larson explained she was an evil Kroll in disguise, and "The girl swinging on the ropes was exciting. How does she do that?" Larson answered it was a stunt that they practiced a lot, and Jackson said it was an example of Carol failing and getting up and trying again.

Other comical questions were, "Are there any car chases in the movie?," "Does Captain Marvel have a catchphrase?." and the best: "What is a Blockbuster?"

The kids' questions were just adorable, and Larson and Jackson did a good job of answering them all so any child would understand.

Captain Marvel is out now.