Nicolas Cage is known for doing some pretty outrageous acting, but he just wouldn't be Nicolas Cage without doing so. So when he was cast as the Noir Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it sounded perfect for Cage, who also has a very distinct voice.

Ahead of the DVD release of the Oscar winning film, a new featurette has been released showing Cage act out his lines.

In the video, co-writer/co-director Rodney Rothman said that if you gave him notes he would redo his lines even better than you thought they would turn out. Cage said that he thought they wanted the "full Cage" to come out, so he voiced the detective character as charismatic as possible.

Going "full Cage" made Cage's character stand out, and it was exactly what the director wanted. The 55-year-old actor explained this noir Spider-Man was probably like James Cagney, so he tried to model his voice after him.

Maybe Noir Spider-Man will get a spinoff, so Cage can stretch his skills a little more.

[h/t: CinemaBlend]