VIDEO: Mackenzie McKee Updates Mom Angie Douthit on New Job Offer in Sweet 'Teen Mom OG' Clip

Mackenzie McKee talks exciting job offer with mom Angie Douthit in new 'Teen Mom OG' clip.
Mackenzie McKee talks exciting job offer with mom Angie Douthit in new 'Teen Mom OG' clip. | YouTube / MTV's Teen Mom

Anyone who has been following Mackenzie McKee's journey since her introduction on MTV's 16 and Pregnant knows that she has always been a talented cheerleader and tumbling artist/gymnast. There is even that awesome clip from her original episode where she tries on her old cheerleading uniform over her comically large pregnant belly that always makes me smile.

Mackenzie's 16 and Pregnant episode details her struggle to balance her passion with motherhood, especially after the strain put on her body during pregnancy. Her love for cheerleading and tumbling never faded, even after marriage and kids, and in the clip below you can watch her explain to her mother Angie Douthit how she was offered a job coaching kids in tumbling at a cheerleading gym. Sadly, Angie passed away in Dec. 2019 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

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“I get a million messages a day on Instagram and I never check the ones that aren’t my friends, and I just happened to check it. I was scrolling through and I clicked on this one and it was this girl — she owns a cheer gym and offered me a job,” Mackenzie explains to her mom in the sneak peek.

“I’ve been dying to get back into cheer industry,” she continues. “So, it’s kind of cool that I had to give up on that dream when I got pregnant with Gannon and now I get to help others live that dream. I’m very excited!"

However, earlier in the clip it's explained that Mackenzie's husband Josh McKee had given up going on the road for rodeos after he cheated on his wife while he was out of town so that the pair could work on their marriage. The new coaching job would require Mack to travel, which is what Josh agreed to give up. “How do you think Josh is going to be because you guys kind of made this pact that he won’t go on the road and work without you. How is he going to be if you go without him?” Angie asks her daughter, to which Mackenzie replies that she has not discussed the job offer with him.

“You guys want to start talking about everything so just talk about it,” her mom offers. Good advice. Since Mackenzie sounds perfect as a cheer coach, hopefully her and Josh talk about everything and she gets to take the job!