VIDEO: Watch Courteney Cox Totally Fail at 'Friends' Trivia With Jimmy Kimmel's Superfan Cousin

Courtney Cox attempts to do 'Friends' trivia with Jimmy Kimmel and his superfan cousin.
Courtney Cox attempts to do 'Friends' trivia with Jimmy Kimmel and his superfan cousin. / YouTube / Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Just because you star in a show doesn't mean you necessarily are an expert on it, apparently. Just look at Courteney Cox—the Golden Globe nominee played Monica Geller in the long-running show Friends, but despite taking on the beloved role for nearly 10 years, she doesn't exactly remember it.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! via video chat, Cox discussed how quarantining has been going for her and her family, and addressed the fact that the Friends cast was supposed to shoot the reunion special this week. She also, hilariously enough, revealed that she started binge-watching the series, noting to Kimmel that, "I don't remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory."

But Kimmel wasn't going to let Cox off the hook that easily, telling her that he planned for his cousin Anthony, who happens to be a massive Friends fan, to play a game of trivia with her to see who knows more about the show. Although hesitant, Cox agreed, and of course, was demolished by Anthony.

Watch the funny video below, with Cox's interview beginning at minute 7:50.

Between not remembering who Monica's first kiss was or the names of the character's parents, Cox wasn't exactly on her Friends game. However, she did note that by the time we're all doing quarantining, she'll be an expert thanks to her rewatch sessions.

Here's to hoping we can get Cox back on the real Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage when it's safe again and she'll be a pro.