VIDEO: Briana DeJesus Breaks Up With John Rodriguez in New 'Teen Mom 2' Clip

Briana DeJesus/ YouTube
Briana DeJesus/ YouTube

Back in August, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus announced that she and her boyfriend of over a year, John Rodriguez, had broken up. At the time, the 25-year-old MTV personality had said, “I realized I wasn’t happy, had too much on my plate and needed to stay focused on all the things going on in my life including my kids, my new spa, filming Teen Mom 2, my other job and my family.”

Now, People reports that fans will finally be able to see what went down between the former couple. In the video below, Briana is shown sitting on the balcony with her friend Shirley, and her daughter Stella. Shirley and the MTV star begin talking about Briana’s ex, Luis Hernandez, who “borrowed” money from her.

Shirley then asks if John knows about Luis and the money, to which Briana responds, “No, I haven’t really talked to him. I told him, like, I’m not in a rush for you to move down here anymore.” After some gentle prodding from her friend about what was going to happen in her relationship, Briana whips out her phone and sends a text to John that reads, “I’m not happy anymore and I do not want to be with you.”

Though you would think that he would be shocked, it seems that John had been expecting the text. He responded quickly, “Save it, Bri, I already knew.”

Yikes! You would think that after a year of a dating, John would have gotten more than a text message, but I guess when it comes to Teen Mom drama, anything is possible.