VIDEO: Watch 10 Hilarious Scenes That Were Cut From 'The Office'

10 cut scenes from 'The Office'
10 cut scenes from 'The Office' / YouTube / Film Focus

For fans of The Office, you'll know that iconic moments come basically every single episode of the beloved workplace comedy. Although we all have our own personal favorite storylines and characters, no one can deny that every scene is remarkable in its own way—whether it be Michael Scott's inappropriate antics, or a strangely heartfelt moment between Dwight and Angela (and everything else in between). We've heard over the years a few of the ideas for storylines that never came to be, such as a bring your pet to work day episode, and the original, very dark ending to Jim and Pam's wedding, but now we've gotten the chance to actually see a few.

Courtesy the YouTube account Film Focus, we're bringing you 10 hilarious scenes that were cut from The Office on what happens to be the 15th anniversary of the show's pilot. The nearly 15-minute video below includes moments such as Stanley getting caught looking at some pretty NSFW hentai, Jim and Pam playing a mind game on Dwight after they find his wallet in the parking lot, and Kevin talking about his alleged sex life (he later admits he's been lying).

The Office ran for nine glorious seasons between 2005-2013, and it's safe to say that fans still can't get enough. So as we continue to binge-watch the series and the chances of a reboot are looking slimmer and slimmer, couldn't we get an official release of all the deleted scenes? While we're at home practicing social distancing amid the Coronavirus crisis, it would be the greatest Dunder Mifflin treat we could get. Hey, we can dream, right?

In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep rewatching the show, along with these scenes that didn't make the cut. If you're looking for more content to binge, check out these awesome deals here for Sling TV to catch up on all the latest shows.