As Ariana Grande just debuted her new song "Monopoly" with best friend Victoria Monét, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter is receiving more and more publicity--unfortunately including some ignorant stories.

Music publication HITS Daily Double allegedly wrote about Ariana and Victoria's new single, but the photo they used was of the 25-year-old pop sensation and Normani, a former Fifth Harmony member who happens to be Ari's opening act on the Sweetener World Tour. A fan promptly screenshotted the evidence and posted it on social.

It didn't take long for Victoria to see the tweet, and quoted the message to add her two cents. Calling out the publication, she wrote, "It takes very little research to know the difference between two black women."

"This is lazy and ignorant and we would love the respect," Victoria added.

This mistake is far worse than lazy, as the person should probably know who Victoria is if they're writing something about her new song. Saying I'm confused is an understatement, really, but I'm glad the star spoke out on the embarrassing mistake.

Do better, people! This shouldn't be happening.