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Vanessa Hudgens got a BOA CONSTRICTOR SNAKE TATTOO while in New York City over weekend

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Vanessa Hudgens is far from the goody-two-shoes characters she plays on screen, in fact, she's known to be quite the opposite! From spontaneous adventures to impromptu desert shoots, and impulsive scooter rides, the former High School Music alumn knows how to have fun. One of the actresses favourite things to do while in New York is getting a tattoo, and it seems the 32-year-old couldn't resist getting another one while visiting the 'Big Apple' over the weekend.

She's clearly got a "love" for tattoos as, not too long ago (3 weeks if we're getting specific), the actress took to her Instagram to show off the new dainty tattoos she'd gotten while on her trip in New York City to see acclaimed tattoo artist Mr K. See the post below.

But it seems like Vanessa Hudgens just can't get enough of tattoos as she posted on Sunday, June 13, to her Instagram her latest addition, from her trip to New York: a slithering snake. ?

The tattoo which, is much bigger than her previous few, is on the inside of her left ankle of a boa constrictor snake. See the post below.

The series of uploads included a video of the actress during the session declaring to the tattoo artist: "Love the feeling of a tattoo"

She captioned the new upload: "ANOTHER ONE! Lol lucky #10".