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Tyler Cameron Apologizes After Being Dragged on Twitter for Making Joke About 'The Bachelor's Natasha

Tyler Cameron apologizes after being dragged for making joke on about 'The Bachelor's Natasha
Tyler Cameron apologizes after being dragged for making joke on about 'The Bachelor's Natasha | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Okay, everyone. Peter Weber has officially picked his final four ladies for next week's hometowns episode. This season of The Bachelor has been particularly intense, with loads of drama and even some verbally vicious fights between the pilot's leading ladies.

The most recent episode showed the crew going to Lima, Peru, with Peter inviting Natasha Parker, the beautiful, 31-year-old event planner from New York City, on a one-on-one. The date, which was her first ever one-on-one, seemed to be going well until Peter told Natasha he basically saw her as just a friend. So despite the romantic day they had, Natasha was sent home.

But before her elimination, there was one scene in which Natasha told Peter that her ex-boyfriend called her too "intense." This prompted Tyler Cameron, the heartthrob from Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, to jump onto Twitter to make a joke about it. However, followers quickly dragged him for it, leading to him then tweeting out an apology.

People became angry for a few reasons. One being, um Tyler? You just jump in at Episode 7 and think you know these women? Natasha has been extremely mature the entire season and avoided drama, so saying she's the type to send "100 texts" doesn't seem fair. Sure, she was apparently "too intense," but that was in her past, and she presented herself as a really level-headed person.

Secondly, and more importantly, people are calling Tyler out because his comment targeted the only black contestant left on the season.

Others, however, are stating that what Tyler said wasn't really bad, and everyone should just chill out about it.

The only thing that seems clear between viewers is that this season of The Bachelor is serving up some serious drama, both on the screen and online!