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Tyler Baltierra Reveals He and Catelynn Are 'Doing Great' During Their Separation

Tyler Baltierra revealed on this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG that he and wife Catelynn Lowell planned to live separately for a month. After the episode, Tyler confirmed that the couple is still living separately on Us Weekly’s Watch With Us podcast.

The two parents, who have been together since middle school are “doing great,” Tyler said.

“It’s funny because we actually don’t even call it separation anymore,” the 26-year-old dad said. “We say, ‘Let’s just do 30 days of self-reflection time. You get to focus on you, I get to focus on me. We’ll continue to do couples’ therapy.”

While their three-year-old daughter Nova is traveling back-and-forth, Tyler reveals that she is handling it all surprisingly well. He also dished that the couple sees each other regularly, even continuing to eat dinner as a family.

“When you say ‘separation,’ everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, a separation? It’s not like we’re seeing other people or we’re not talking at all or not spending time with each other,” he said.

Catelynn is currently pregnant with their third daughter, who they plan to name Tezlee, so Tyler still takes on the role as man of the house.

“I’ve been here at the house fixing stuff up while [Cate] and Nova have been here. Honestly [we’re] taking our space when we need it. Nova’s been really surprisingly taking it really well. She’s been really great with everything," Tyler shared.

Recently on the show Tyler had a discussion with his father, in which he discussed both the past and the future of his relationship with Catelynn when asked if he had ever thought of being with another woman.

“I had to kind of reiterate to him, ‘Listen, yeah of course because I’m a human being,” Tyler added. “But the main goal is to stay with my wife and live this life. We love each other.’”