Did Travis Barker make a subtle dig at ex Shanna Moakler amid Kourtney Kardashian drama?

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Did Travis Barker make a subtle dig at ex Shanna Moakler amid Kourtney Kardashian drama? We think So!

Travis Barker has been dating Kourtney Kardashian for the last five months or so, and while they've been enjoying a very steamy public relationship, Travis' ex, Shanna Moakler has been repeatedly throwing shade at the two lovebirds.

Although we have no doubt that Kourtney and Travis have seen what Shanna has been saying online about them, they have made a point of not addressing or acknowledging anything she has said online. The 45-year-old drummer even tweeted on Monday May 24, making it clear that he does not wish to speak publicly about the claims made.

But it now seems that, after the former Miss USA accused Kourtney of "destroying" her family in an interview with TMZ last week, he's changed his mind and the Blink-182 drummer has had enough!

Taking to his Instagram page, the 45-year-old tattooed bad boy, showed off his still fresh-looking "Kourtney" tattoo, while posing moodily for a shirtless close-up, he captioned the post "Leave me alone," leading many to believe it was a subtle dig at Shanna Moakler.

Check out the post below.

This new post leads a lot of fans to believe it was directed at Travis' ex Shanna Moakler, with many commenting their thoughts so. One Instagram user wrote beside the photo: "You heard him Shanna leave him alone! Let me calm down I don’t even know these people ???".

While a second added: "This is clearly for Shanna. Well done."

"Leave Travis and Kourtney alone, we all know you're just stirring drama #lame," a third wrote, which was clearly meant for Shanna.

Kourtney Kardashian also commented on the post, though her's were more of comfort. She simply wrote "Never ?" under his post.