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Three New Beetle Species Named After 'Game of Thrones' Characters

As Game of Thrones has risen in popularity, so have the unique names featured in the series. Top baby names over the years have included Khaleesi and Arya, along with various names from the show used for people’s pets. And now, the beloved HBO series is inspiring names in quite an unusual way.

According to The Omaha-World Herald, eight new beetle species have been discovered by Brett Ratcliffe, a University of Nebraska entomologist and professor, with three of them named after GoT! The three names he chose? Easy. The new beetle species are named after Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons: Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.

The species are officially called drogoni, rhaegali and viserioni, the Latinized versions of the dragon names.

"I’ve often thought that scientists take themselves too seriously, and this is a way to circumvent that," Ratcliffe told The Omaha-World Herald on his decision. He also acknowledged the recognition the new species have been receiving due to the fun names, stating, “When you create names like these, you do it to gain a little bit of notoriety and bring public attention to it.” Well, his plan has worked!

It goes without saying that Ratcliffe is a big fan of the HBO show, as well as George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series. It’s also noted the beetle species all have some type of orange on them, appearing similar to dragon fire.


Ratcliffe has reportedly named hundreds of species in his career, so it looks like he’s had to get creative this time around. It’s awesome to see how influential Game of Thrones really is.

This article also appears on Mental Floss.