This 'Harry Potter' Fan Theory Will Change the Way You See Hogwarts Houses

With every fandom comes great responsibility to create great fan theories. So one of the biggest fandoms in the world, for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, should have some pretty interesting ideas under its belt.

There's a resurfaced theory coming from (*surprise*) Reddit, that says we have all been looking at Hogwarts houses the wrong way. This is more of an analysis about each of the houses and what they really mean from a different perspective.

Redditor somethingtodowithpotter says that the "valued quality of each of the four houses isn't really about the personality of it's student." So if you're brave, you don't necessarily have to be in Gryffindor, or smart to be in Ravenclaw. It all depends on what you believe in.

"The valued quality of each of the four houses has to do with how they perceive magic," the post continues.

They go on to argue that Hogwarts teaches magic, and it is seen as different things to each house, i.e. a weapon, treasure, or gift. So however you think magic should be used will get you into whichever house matches that belief.

According to the Redditor, Gryffindor sees magic as a weapon, but because they believe power is a responsibility they always stand up for what is right. Hufflepuff believes magic is a gift and gifts should be given away so, they use their magic to help others including Muggles, and believe no magic should be used to hurt others. Slytherin thinks magic is a treasure to be guarded and protected, hence their obsession with purity among wizards. Lastly, Ravenclaw believes that magic is art and should be studied, and they immerse themselves in it.

The theory lastly states, "So while you can see where personalities will overlap over Houses, perhaps in Sorting we should be asking ourselves less what we think we are and more what we think we believe."

Does anyone else's head hurt? While we're going to need JK Rowling to confirm or deny on this one, it's something to think about.