The Two 'Game of Thrones' Stars Who Appeared in 'Batman Begins'

It's not that hard to believe the beloved cast of Game of Thrones have featured in other great things before their debut on the hit show. It's actually pretty interesting to see how they all started out in acting with various projects. And two former Thrones actors actually appeared in the same movie: Batman Begins.

The two actors are Jack Gleeson, who played the infamous Joffrey Baratheon, and Richard Brake, who played The Night King. Granted they each have minor parts in the DC film from 2005, but fans still can't help but point them out whenever they watch it.

Gleeson can be spotted as the little boy who is rescued by Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes). The then-child actor has a couple of scenes with Christian Bale's Batman himself, and seems like a perfectly innocent boy, a.k.a. nothing like the terror he played in GoT.

Brake, who also had a small role in Christopher Nolan's movie, played Joe Chill, the man who kills Bruce Wayne's parents. Brake only made a couple of appearances as The Night King in seasons four and five of Thrones, but he always brought a great scary scene, maybe because he practiced in Batman Begins.

Wherever the stars have been before, we still love them in Game of Thrones the best.