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The Terribly Morbid Prank 'Stranger Things' Creators Played on Noah Schnapp's Mom

It's sometimes very difficult to see children go through extensive trauma in TV shows and movies, as although it's not real, innocence being taken from kids is never easy to watch. So imagine how the child actors' parents feel, seeing their little ones endure great pain on screen. We can only assume many of the cast members' family of Stranger Things faced this as they watched the kid stars get into some serious danger.


But it looks like Noah Schnapp's mom was in for it worse than the other parents.

Noah's character Will Byers might've gone through the most in the Netflix series, as the first season is centered around his disappearance. In the fourth episode, "The Body," Jim Hopper discovers that although Will is confirmed dead, his body is actually a fake, and he's still alive somewhere. That fake prop body served as a pretty messed up prank, as the show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, decided to involve Noah's mom. You can probably guess where we're going with this.

"We immediately took Noah’s mom aside, told her we had something to show her, and led her into a dark closet where we had propped up this frighteningly realistic corpse of her son," the directing duo recalled to Entertainment Weekly. "After the initial shock, she loved it." And as hard as it may be to believe, Noah's mom apparently did find it amusing. She took photos with it and texted them to her friends!

Noah's mom's reaction was probably the best case scenario, because we couldn't imagine any parent finding a corpse prop of their child fun. Here's to hoping we don't see another Will body in the third season of Stranger Things, debuting on July 4.