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'The Office' Star Kate Flannery Admits Some of Meredith's Scenes Made Things 'Embarrassing' With the Crew

Kate Flannery
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - January 28, 2020 | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Kate Flannery, who rocked our worlds as Meredith Palmer on The Office, recently gave a heartfelt interview with the Today Show on the many moments that made her character so iconic. "I have nothing but lovely memories of my time on The Office," she gushed.

"I don't think I'll ever have as great a job as working on The Office," Flannery stated, adding, "It just felt like we were all included because we were always in that room." But it wasn't always easy being Meredith. Flannery spoke about some of the insane scenes she had to perform, especially with her character being extremely...flirtatious. She explained:

"Let's just say there were a few times when it was a little embarrassing at lunch time with the camera guys...They didn't really look me in the eye if we had a special situation," waving to her chest.

Laughing, Flannery clarified, "Meredith was topless a lot!," adding, "Anything they threw at me was always worth it."

Remember when Meredith whispers to Ryan, "Don't fall in love with me, kid?" Sorry, Kate Flannery, we've totally fallen in love with you! Too hilarious.