Fans Debate Which 'The Office'-Themed House They'd Want to Be Quarantined in

'The Office' fans debate which characters they'd quarantine with amid COVID-19 thanks to viral meme.
'The Office' fans debate which characters they'd quarantine with amid COVID-19 thanks to viral meme. / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While binging The Office, most of us wonder what it would be like to work at Dunder Mifflin, imagining goofing off with Jim Halpert, listening to Dwight Schrute's strange antics, or just having Michael Scott as a boss. To be honest, it doesn't sound like too bad of a deal, but what if you took it a step further and were working with them during COVID-19? And what if you actually had to be quarantined in a house with the characters?

That's exactly what fans are now thinking about thanks to the latest meme spreading on social media, which asks to pick which house you would be quarantined in, listing people both fictional and real from pop culture and beyond. For example, US Weekly asked followers which house of popular TV characters they'd want to be stuck with, and iHeartRadio proposed houses of pop stars. Now, thanks to Instagram user @mattsurelee, The Office fans are debating which group from Scranton they'd pick to be stuck with.

See the post below for the possible houses.

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Choose your quarantine crew

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With groupings such as House 1's Michael Scott, a George Foreman Grill, and the Scranton Strangler, along with House 4's Scott's Tots, Here Comes Treble, and Kevin's Famous Chili, this certainly is not an easy choice. The post has amassed over 1,000 comments, with fans writing things such as, "Definitely not 5. Creed will resort to cannibalism if necessary," and "House 4 only for Kevin’s chili (unless it’s on the floor)." The conversation also turned to Reddit, with user ihazone posting the photo and simply writing, "Definitely not Toby's." Fair point.

It's difficult not to wish we could hang out with our favorite TV characters, but when it comes to being quarantined, I think it's safe to say that all of us would lose our minds with any of the Dunder Mifflin crew.