The 'Office' Episode All About Phyllis Going Through Menopause That Never Happened

'The Office' almost included an episode about Phyllis going through menopause.
'The Office' almost included an episode about Phyllis going through menopause. | YouTube / The Office

Throughout all nine seasons of The Office, some pretty wacky storylines went down. From Michael sponsoring a fun run for rabies after he hits Meredith with his car, to Jim convincing Dwight that he's turning into a vampire, the writers of the workplace comedy certainly had tons of fun creating all those beloved episodes. But what about the plot points that never came to fruition? We already know "Dinner Party" almost included a dog murder, and that Jim and Pam's wedding nearly ended in a horse being swept over Niagara Falls, but there were many more ideas that were ultimately shot down.

One example is an episode that would've centered around Phyllis going through menopause. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the behind-the-scenes book titled The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History by Andy Greene reveals one proposed idea from writer Jennifer Celotta. "Another one that I was a little bit passionate about in an annoying way, because I kept pushing it, was Phyllis goes through menopause. I really wanted to tell that story," the book quotes Celotta with saying. "I remember thinking that Phyllis made it so cold in the office that it led to thermostat debates that every office has. And maybe Angela actually freezes at her desk for a tiny bit. Maybe that was a little bit broad."

Considering Phyllis' perfume being too strong for her coworkers was a solid plot point, her changing the thermostat in the office probably would've worked. Plus, the fact that she and Angela already had a weird frenemy relationship would've made it hilarious to see the cold temperature affecting Angela so much. Compared to some of the other bizarre storylines that almost made it into the show, this one isn't too out of left field, but luckily for the Dunder Mifflin employees, it just didn't end up happening.