As if Kendall Jenner wasn’t facing enough backlash surrounding the announcement of her partnership with Proactiv, skeptics are now calling her out over serious doubts that she has actually ever used the product in order to clear up acne.

After Kris Jenner described the promo commercial as a “brave and vulnerable announcement,” Twitter users were pretty upset with the two. Most users complained that the Jenners were making the situation more dramatic than it had to be, in order to sell a product.

Now, internet users aren’t even convinced that the 23-year-old model uses Proactiv.

It wasn’t a shock to many that Kendall has suffered with acne, as she has actually discussed this struggle in the past. People are pointing out, however, that out of all the instances in which she discussed her skin issues, she never mentioned Proactiv as a part of her skin regimen.

In April 2017, she was a spokesperson for Estée Lauder. “I like to keep it pretty simple at night,” Kendall wrote on her app, listing Estée Lauder's Micro-Cleansing Balm and their Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme as her favorite products.

Twitter users are calling out the model, stating their disbelief that she actually has used Proactiv to clear up her skin.

Some non-believers even took the matter seriously enough to do their own research.

One Twitter user is even giving out warnings, claiming that the product does not help your skin.

But even with all the hate, some fans came to Kendall's defense, and made some very good points about the truth of advertising.

We're just happy that Kendall is no longer struggling with confidence over issues relating to her skin.