As major social media influencers, the KarJenners post to Instagram on a daily basis. With so much of their content popping up on users' feeds everyday, there's always some controversy that ensues due to one of their photos.

Whether it be fans accusing Kourtney Kardashian of disregarding her niece Stormi's birthday or the usual accusations of photoshopping, the family is always getting in some hot water for their social media usage.

Now, fans are poking fun at a new photo posted by Kim Kardashian this past Wednesday. Captioned, "Kinda missing blonde hair," Kim shared a throwback selfie of her iconic blonde look.

Kim's followers, however, were not very concerned about Kim's physical appearance at all. To find out why fans are roasting Kim in the comments, you have to look past Kim and focus on the background. That's right, the weird-looking shower setup behind her is what's causing all the attention.

"Does that wood flooring go under that shower in the back? Won’t it rot?" one fan commented. It's a valid question. This is seriously the oddest bathroom set up we've ever seen, mainly because it looks very uncomfortable.

"Ugliest bathroom... looks like an institution," one user commented. Another user went even further and wondered how Kim's children can use such a bathroom.

"I would go mad in that bare cold looking house, that is not a home to raise children in!" they said. "Children need to feel safe and warm in a happy environment and this just screams mental institution or prison!"

Some of the comments are definitely overzealous, but we honestly understand the confusion. But since it's a throwback picture, maybe the bathroom has since been redecorated to look like an actual bathroom and not a penitentiary.