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'Teen Mom' Fans Are Mad Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra Got Nova a Pony

Teen Mom fans are usually happy to see stars Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra posting photos of their kids on social media, but a recent series of posts has gotten many very aggravated. The pair just gave birth to daughter Vaeda this year, and are already parents to Novalee, four, along with Carly, nine, who they gave up for adoption in 2009.

But while many love Tyler and Catelynn's family, a recent gift they gave Nova is alarming fans. Both parties took to Instagram this past weekend to share photos of their four-year-old daughter with a pony they had just bought her.

"As a little girl I always begged my mom to get me a pony and she could never afford it... So to be able to do it for my daughter was such an amazing feeling," Catelynn captioned her photo, while Tyler added some sweet words of his own.

Some were quick to comment how cute the photos were, and how exciting the pony must be for Nova. However, many expressed their annoyance at the extravagant gift. "Did you even take into consideration that horses live for 30 years?!?," one pointed out, while others were straight out nasty.

"You can give her a horse to distract her from your bulls**t but I’m sure she’d rather have her mother around all the time. Both physically and mentally," one commented. Another wrote, "another living thing that the family will be horrible at taking care of." A third said, "oh, good, another living thing Cate can completely ignore."

While it's true Catelynn and Tyler have had their fair share of difficulties over the years, I think most would agree they've been great parents. It seems like they're both incredibly dedicated in raising this horse, so we should let them in peace!