'Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer Reacts to Accusations She's Joined a Cult

Leah Messer at 2017 CMT Music Awards
Leah Messer at 2017 CMT Music Awards | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Leah Messer recently joined the Los Angeles-based group M.I.T.T. (Mastery In Transformational Training), and people are very worried because of its cult-like characteristics and reported accusations.

M.I.T.T. spreads its message through seminars which don't come cheap. According to GQ, "Basic Training" costs around $700, "Advanced Training" totals up to $1,195 and "Legacy Training" costs $1,595. Yikes!

Leah has been sharing videos of her experiences with M.I.T.T. and fans are freaking out, reminding her that the wellness group does not exactly have a squeaky-clean history. According to Inquisitr, "The MITT organization has been accused of brainwashing people and sexually abusing members. There was a lawsuit brought against the leader in 2017 making these claims, although the case has since been dismissed."

So it's no wonder that friends and fans are concerned. People were openly speaking up in the comments on one of Leah's recent posts, and she decided to clap back at everyone. She wrote:

"EVERY. SINGLE. NEGATIVE comment on this post can UNFOLLOW ME !!!! IF YOU DONT SUPPORT ME NOW, then you NEVER will! Soooooo #unfollowme I don’t deserve this energy, I don’t deserve this hate! && I’ll continue to stand for what I believe in and share my truth. You can appreciate me for who I am or you can unfollow me."

Fans are really concerned for Leah's daughters, too, pointing out that the MTV personality is setting an example for them of what is acceptable and normal. Not only that, but many people are reminding the Teen Mom star that not everyone has hundreds of dollars on hand for wellness retreats, cult or not!