'Stranger Things' Makeup Artist Reveals the Hardest Part of Transforming Billy for His Season 3 Possession

Dacre Montgomery
The makeup department had their work cut out with Dacre Montgomery's transformation as Billy in 'Stranger Things.' | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Amy L. Forsythe has been the makeup department head on Stranger Things since Will Byers mysteriously disappeared all the way back in season one. The talented artist recently did an in-depth interview with SyFy Wire, where she discussed creating the "fertilizer" in season three, as well as how odd it has been not working after production was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The makeup artist also revealed what the biggest hurdle was when it came to transforming Billy Hargrove actor Dacre Montgomery after his possession by the Mind Flayer, and the answer might surprise you. Fans will recall that episode two of season three, "Chapter Two: The Mall Rats," features the aftermath of Billy's interaction with the monster. He arrives at the pool for his lifeguard shift and suddenly cannot stand the sunlight he had been soaking up the episode prior. Turns out, the sunburn he has in the show was real.

"Dacre actually got sunburned when he was sitting on the lifeguard stand, because there's only so much sunscreen you can put on somebody when you're also spraying them down with sweat," Forsythe explained. "That day, we had to film him in the shower. That's when the black veins start showing in Billy's arm, he reacts to it, and he hits the wall and slides down. That wall was textured, so every time he hit the wall and slid down, not only would it hurt him, because he was sunburned, but it would scrape off some of the tattoo cover-up I had put on his sunburned back. There was no way to stop that, so we had to keep reapplying it."

Ouch! When you're watching a show, you are hardly ever privy to these cool behind-the-scenes moments. The rest of the interview with Forsythe is pretty cool, so you should go check it out, or check out the details we have on season four of Stranger Things here.